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Homeowner Insurance

A choice tailored to your needs

Wawanesa offers solid, standard insurance coverage for your home and its contents. Optional coverages are also available to suit your needs.

Specified Perils Policy

This coverage provides protection against the risks of Fire, Smoke damage, Explosion, Theft, Vandalism, Lightning, Windstorm, Hail, Glass breakage, Burst water tank or pipe and Civil liability as well as many other causes of loss.

Building- Comprehensive & Contents - Specified Perils Policy

Provides maximum protection on your home, outbuildings and additional living expenses should you need. Your contents will be protected against Fire, Smoke damage, Theft, Vandalism, Lightning, Windstorm and Civil Liability as well as many other causes of loss.

Comprehensive Policy

This policy is especially created for those who desire extended maximum protection.

Credit Information

With your consent, we check your Credit Information in order to offer you the best premium possible.

Discounts Available

New Home
Alarm System
Mortgage Free
Claim Free
Water Shut-Off/Leak Detection Alarm System
Non Smoker

An insurance deductible is the amount of money you are required to pay as a part of the accident or loss that results in an insurance claim.

Deductibles are required in all policies; however, they are customizable and are the easiest way to manage your insurance premium to ensure you get the coverage you want at the price that fits your needs.

The base deductible for a residential policy is $1000. The chart below lists available deductible options which can help to reduce your insurance premium.

Residential policy deductibles options
$1,000 vanishing

Vanishing Deductible is a new feature you can have added to your policy to save on your Homeowners insurance deductible in the event of a covered loss. With Vanishing Deductible, you get $200 off your deductible for each year you don't have a claim. Your deductible could disappear completely!

* Annual credits are subject to eligibility requirements. Contact your Wawanesa Insurance Agent for more information.

Optional Coverages

  • Above Ground Swimming Pool and Spa
  • Building By-Laws
  • Earthquake
  • Enhancement
  • Golf Cart
  • Home Systems
  • Identity Fraud Expense
  • Pet Accident
  • Service Line
  • Water Damage - Above Ground Water
  • Water Damage - Ground Water and Sewers

Other coverages are available.

Please contact your Wawanesa Insurance Agent to discuss your needs.

Read more on the Residential Optional Coverages page

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