Condominium Discounts

Senior Citizens Occupancy Discount

A 10% reduction from the basic premium where the named insured of spouse is at least 55 years of age and not employed outside the household.


Home Protection Device Discount

Type of Alarm Discount
Fire or smoke alarm TYPE 1
2% reduction from basic premium
Fire or smoke alarm and dead bolt locks and fire extinguishers TYPE 2
5% reduction from basic premium
Fire alarm and/or complete burglar alarm reporting to Fire Dept., Police Dept., or Central Station TYPE 2
10% reduction from basic premium

The maximum discount available for any combination of safety devices is 10%.


Condominium Security Protection Discount

Condominiums are eligible for a premium discount if they are located in a secured building. A secured building is defined as one in which you must pass through a locked common entry door into the building before gaining access to the locked condominium unit.

Type of Security Discount
Secured Building 2% reduction from basic premium
Secured Building with Guard on Duty 24 hours a day. 5% reduction from basic premium

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