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Auto Insurance

Wawanesa; only the best will do.

Looking for auto insurance that is:

  • Simple and reliable?
  • Sound and tailored to your needs?
  • Quick and professional?

At Wawanesa, you are dealing with specialists. Also our premium structure recognizes the significance of your driving experience and loyalty to Wawanesa. We also offer the following:

Deductible exemption for your vehicle

You will have nothing to pay* to repair your covered vehicle if you are a victim of a hit and run even if the driver is never identified. Damages to a repairable windshield are also completely paid by Wawanesa.
* The value of this exemption could be limited. Certain conditions may apply.

No penalty for a "not-at-fault" accident

Your driver record will not be affected if you are involved in an accident for which you are not responsible.

Credit Information

With your consent, we check your Credit Information in order to offer you the best premium possible.

Optional coverages that are Available

Loss of use *

Expenses resulting from loss of use of a motor vehicle, up to $2,500.

Legal liability for damage to non-owned automobiles *

Insures the civil liability for damages to a motor vehicle not owned by the insured.

Accident benefits *

Free personal insurance with an insured amount of $10,000.

Vehicle replacement cost *

Applies to a new motor vehicle, purchased or leased.

* Terms and conditions of coverage are regulated by the contract.

Discounts Available

Loyalty Discount
Anti Theft Discount
Vehicle Theft Recovery Discount
Multi-Policy Discount
Multi-Vehicle Discount

An insurance deductible is the amount of money you are required to pay as a part of the accident or loss that results in an insurance claim.

Deductibles are required in all policies; however, they are customizable and are the easiest way to manage your insurance premium to ensure you get the coverage you want at the price that fits your needs.

The base deductible for a Collision coverage is $500 and $250 for Comprehensive coverage. The charts below list available deductible options which can help to reduce your insurance premium.

Comprehensive Deductible
Collision Deductible

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