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Thursday, April 17, 2014  
Welcome to Wawanesa Insurance

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Your Automobile

We have been insuring vehicles since 1928 and have become one of the biggest automobile insurers in Canada.

We can offer flexible payment options, broad coverage and fast and fair claims service across Canada and the United States.

Ask your broker / agent or us as you may be eligible for the following discounts which may save you up to 20% if:

  • You insure two or more cars with us;
  • Your auto and home are both with us;
  • Your children have completed a driver education course;
  • You are a mature driver age 50 or more;
  • You haven’t been involved in an accident in the past 6 years;
  • You haven't received any traffic tickets.

Wish to learn more about Wawanesa's products?

Please speak with your broker, who can provide details on the products and services best suited to your needs.

Alberta Drivers

Wish to learn more about Automobile Insurance in Alberta? Check out the Alberta Automobile Insurance Rate Board(AIRB) website.

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